Being biased

Post date: Aug 26, 2011 7:18:58 AM

Its really difficult to think responsibly and exclude personal feelings. For example, in case of discrimination - only a minority can feel the real fear. Majority is always a bit biased and can never feel the reality - because they are on safer side ! Similarly those who directly or indirectly get benefits of reservation can never go against it, whereas those who feel they lost opportunities can never support it !

Those who are involved in any kind of corruption, congress party supporters and those who get benefits from congress party will never support strict anti-corruption laws - which congress is also opposing. There is nothing weird in it. Its all psychological - and somehow corrupt people start feeling that its there right to take bribes. They assume that its part of system and that is how it works.

I observed few people in recent past. They just keep pointing irrelevant things against Anna Hazare, they just can't agree to what he is saying. One of my friends just said that Anna is impatient and getting angrier every day. So He can't be compared with Gandhi - he is just trying to become famous. Well my friend, All we know about Gandhi is from books and stories - like we do about many other leaders of past, which is never completely true. All the facts we read about the great leaders are written to make them look like ideal role models !

Everyone has their vested interests in supporting or opposing any thought - but the sad part is their thinking processes are influenced heavily by their own personal interests and characteristics, which is not always oriented towards making society a better place.