A very different day, indeed

Post date: Feb 10, 2011 9:17:04 PM

Some days are just not the same as every other day. Today seems to be one of those different days. Woke up at 5AM in morning to attend a call with Asian offices and then went back to bed at 6. Woke up by a call at 7 and I was asked if I can attend a conference on behalf of someone at at 8AM at a place which is far from my place. Well how can I say no to such an event ! ... and then I can't believe I got ready in 15 minutes (on normal quick days it is 1 and half hours) ! Took a cab and reached there by 8 and I even stopped at my office for 2 minutes. Amazing !

In office one of the colleagues asked to join him to 34th st which took another hour. Then I realized how it feels to be out on a week day. It was one of the rare weekdays when I was away from my desk walking in the streets of NYC in sunlight. Came back and went out for lunch at an Italian place and then boom... ! again went out for a coffee in evening. It may not sound unusual but to a person who is hardly away from his desk for more than 5 minutes it feels heavenly... what a day !